Inspired by the golden age of travel, Quincy combined classic AMEX iconography with a little New York history to create the IDLEWILD collection, a reference to the original name for JFK.

We turned over the keys to AMEX's Instagram account to Quincy, where he announced an exclusive opportunity for followers, inviting their members into the decision making and design process in the spirit of collaboration. Every piece of the collection would feature an element of co-creation, and thousands weighed in on social media.

With a deadline of only 2 weeks, Quincy and his team of local craftspeople worked to turn the thousands of replies into a complete collection. Along the way, we created a series of stories with Quincy showing how card members were shaping the collection through their engagement.

With the IDLEWILD collection completed, we took to the streets of SoHo to debut the final results live on Instagram. Card members had just 48 hours, and they didn’t need to be told twice, selling out the entire collection in a fraction of the time.
Sold out in

less than 48hrs

AMEX’s first ever, live social event was a resounding success, with a 23% increase in positive sentiment for the brand and a 142% increase in sales for New York or Nowhere. IDLEWILD took 300 hours to create, and sold out in less than 48, bringing a whole new meaning to "fast fashion" and showing that life is better #withamex. The first Membership Week showed what American Express, small businesses and card members can achieve when they work together, and all done at the speed of social.